Rename KDE Applications

KDE Applications is a 3 times a year release with 100 odd apps and libraries and plugins.

The name clashes with the idea of all Applications within the KDE community.

Should it get renamed to KDE Apps Bundle?

IMHO that is a reasonable name. It makes more sense than KDE Applications as I would expect for ALL applications to be in the release.

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Not sure it’s a good idea to force all applications to follow the same release cycle. Some maintainers prefer to follow their own release cycle, and it would otherwise put too much burden of them.

And if we release all applications together, do we really need a new name. The problem is that people expect with a new KDE Applications release to see an update for all apps, something that is not the case.

Nobody is proposing to release all apps together or force them to follow a release cycle.

Yes the problem is the name KDE Applications is confused with KDE Applications, which is why I’m proposing a rename.

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